Saturday, 10 December 2011

Girls on Facebook

I dont know about you but there are some girls on facebook that drive me insane. The other day I got in contact with one of my old school friends. She's about 17 but appears to have no respect for herself and wants the world to think her a slutty slag. I don't know her well enough to know if actually she just puts up an act to get attention or does it for a laugh and really underneath shes actually nice person.
She posts  photos of herself with strappy tops and full make up there's nothing wrong with that but the fact that shes pushing up her boobs just out of shot and making them the focus of the photo is pathetic if I' quite honest and makes me a little sad. Of course loads of lads comment on the photo saying things like "I'll do you anytime" or "I wouldn't mind drinking from them jugs". Yet she finds these comments flattering. For me I would find them insulting; women aren't a sex toy or an object of pleasure. Women have much more to offer the world then just their bodies but often we crave the attention of men and want to be loved and liked by them.
I got me thinking about why girls insult temselves by dressing like a hooker. Maybe they do it for attention or they want to attract a man. But if you're looking for a decent guy who truely loves you then why would you dress like a tart, it might get you some fun and games but it wont get you commitment. Women are like apples on a tree all the best ones are at the top while all the rotton ones fall to the ground. Men may come along to find themselves an apple, some are lazy or can't be bother to climb the tree to reach the good apples and get rotton apple instead. Others worry they will fall if they try and climb up so settle for an apple closer to the ground. But then once in awhile a man comes along who climbs the tree, he doesn't care if he falls, if he does he'll climb right back up as he knows that the best apples are worth it. So girls don't worry if lads don't call out to you on the street or post "sexy" all over you're facebook it doesn't mean you're not beautiful or you'll never find love it. All it means is that a coward or lazy guy is testing to see how high up you are and if he can reach you without climbing.


  1. I totally agree with this! I don't know whether girls do it for attention or just really think that's what everyone wants them to be. I really like your blog :)

  2. Thanks Ellie. Its a reall puzzle why they do this and also really sad that they want to do it.

  3. Esta la Vista =)

    It's nice to bump into someone with your philosophy every once in a while. It helps me not lose faith in most of humanity. Some girls are just jerkmagnets, and after they suffer from jerk treatments, they complain about how every single guy in the world is a jerk. I hear this and I get so disappointed. A part of me just wants to give her a hug and apologize on behalf of my gender. Then I think again, they really are just getting what they are asking for and I have better, more classy individuals that I should spend my time with. Literally all my friends are girls, so I can tell you Esta la Vista, that there are some nice, patient, and self-respecting females out there. Hope that makes you feel a little better.

    I'm a 19 year old male, and I've also just started a blog of my own this month, so I welcome both you and I to the blogging society.

    I will be following ^.^

  4. Thanks for the loverly comment Rui C.

    You're right, for some reason there are some girls out there that just don't get it. Most of my firends have their heads screwed on right just every now and again you meet someone, as you put it, that are real jerkmangets.

    I'm a 17 years old, female, just about to check out your blog now :) if I can find it...

  5. Hah, you can click my face >.< which brings you to a link of my blog.

    Or I can just do that.

  6. I totally agree but it seems unfair to discriminate people who do that kind of thing. Perhaps they're really underconfident or something and need someone to point them in the right way to go about getting more confident. Then again, perhaps there are some that just don't get it. Boo objectification.

  7. Fair point there Aimee. We'll try and remember that at Inner Mirror and that any and every girl is welcomed no matter if we agree with what they are doing or not.