Monday, 12 December 2011

How I got my big idea...

Over the last few days I've had brain wave. I'm not sure where it came from or what I was doing it just poped into my head. Its as if the idea found me.

Maybe it was a combination of watching something on the telly or reading something on the web. I don't really know it just happened. I guess I was wrapped up in my thoughts and I said to myself, as you do, "Someone should really do something about these silly girls who don't realise how beautiful they are."
"Why don't I do something?!"

After some umming and ahhing about this and that I grabbed a note pad and started scribbling.

After writing some ideas down it seemed that it might just be possible. I wanted to start a non profit organisation called Inner Mirror, where teenage girls can come chill out, talk and do some fun stuff together and find some confidence along the way. Not bad for a few scribbles.

However I hadn't clue of how I was going to do this so I put my idea out on the web, researched and asked around for help. Some friends loved the idea and are now apart of my little team of "staff".

Although its early stages, I'm getting really excited over the little bits of progress we're making.

Maybe a bit too excited...

I have no idea where my little big idea is going to take me but I can't wait to see where. I'll be keeping you updated on whats happening, for more info see our website: 
or follow us on facebook just search inner mirror in your facebook search engine.


  1. Esta la Vista, I support you! I hope you link this post around so people can see.
    However, I'm not sure what is needed of me or If I will be of any asset, but please keep me posted and have me linked so if you need any help from anyone, you can at least reach me.
    All I can offer is my personal experience.
    Ever since middle school, all my friends have been females. I've seen them grow and I've met some of their girlfriends. I'm pretty intact with the female society.
    My studies in college right now may also relate to the topic. Some classes are psychology, philosophy, ethnic studies, and sociology. All of which addresses knowledge issues and why some people think or act the way they do.

    When you have more plans developed, please let me know and I will surely dedicate a post and mentions on my blog to you, with links and all that good stuff. I will also +1 this on goggle.
    If you feel like I can contribute enough to be a part of the staff, feel free to put me there. Otherwise I would be just as happy to be a supporter that lends a hand every once in a while.

    I'll go check out your sight right now.
    Best of luck! And I hope many people sees this post.

  2. Site*

    ... In college and I can't spell...
    there goes my application.

  3. sorry we're taking our time to get back to you we're making some adjustments to the site so its easier for people to get involved. you'll hear from us soon :)

  4. Merry Christmas, Esta La Vista!

  5. Could I help out at all with the blog or anything??

  6. Hope you all had a great christmas and new year sorry for the really late reply, Rui C. whoops...

    On Inner Mirror's website we've added a new feature so that everyone and anyone can get involved and contribute. Its called Contributor Articles, here you can have your say about topics affecting young women. It'll be great to hear from you Aimee if you have any ideas or topics you want to share, heres a link for more information

    Also if you have any ideas on how we could improve the blog or website share them in our forum, that way all our staff will see it and we will be able to get back to you faster.